Entry #7

Operation:Onslaught, learning to program, etc.

2010-04-01 23:03:34 by ZT

Dudes! How long has it been?

Newgrounds is the SHIT. A little more bacony than I remember, but still great none the less.

Anyways, over the past year or so I've been learning to program. Operation:Onslaught is basically my first ever programming project. I originally started it to learn the ropes of object oriented programming and actionscript 3. Holy moly, if you could only see the code running this beast of a game (its god awful horrible, thousands and thousands of unusable garbage code), you'd probably pass out, wake up, regurgitate, eat it, then take a nap.

Besides that, I've wrapped up college and gotten myself a jobby workin' day shifts at a design firm. Man, sure is fun designing for clients. No lie, it's a lot of fun.

So much fun that if you had a physical bowl that could hold fun, the bowl would be the size of one of those dogs. You know, the big ones.

The kind of dogs that would eat an Italian pizza pie, three dozen wing dings and hefty side of coleslaw without thinking twice.

Yeah so, its kind of late. What do you think dudes?

Operation:Onslaught, learning to program, etc.


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2010-04-02 20:45:18

what studio do you work for, im nosy :3


2010-04-10 01:29:14

Add child XD

ZT responds:



2010-06-12 23:52:23

Hey, really REALLY love picnic. Or whatever the fuck it's called. MORE NONSENSE PLZ.


2010-07-16 12:19:05

I'm glad to see your staying busy! Good luck with the job and keep practicing your coding skills to truly become the evil genius!


2011-04-04 17:10:32

Dude, I just wanna say that GLIP is one of my all-time favorite flashes. Sometimes I watch it over and over. The music in it is amazing. Please make another flash video.

I'm going to give Operation: Onslaught a try, because if it came from you it has to be good.


2014-03-14 20:45:06

Yesterday..... seems so far away.